Monday, October 22, 2012

The Avengers Theme Room: The Bathroom... Part 1

Welcome to our awesome "The Avengers" bathroom!

Inspired by this artwork "The Painted Avengers"

Even though I am the furthest thing from a comic book fan, and generally avoid "super hero" movies, my son took me to see The Avengers and I LOVED it.  The kids all loved it as well, so when we were trying to decide how to decorate the kids/"public" bathroom in the house, it was a no brainer when we suggested "The Avengers" theme.  So, without further ado...

Come on in...
Our bathroom door is black with The Avenger's symbol painted in silver.  That way when we have guests, we can just say, The black Avengers door on the right!:)

Paris decoupaged comics onto the bathroom cabinet doors.

The Black Widow Wall will go here
And here it is!

First Paris decoupaged the comic books onto the wall, then I came along and added the black and white for shading... Here is a close up:

What do you think?  We're going to work on Thor, Iron Man and Loki next!

**Yes, we know that Loki isn't an Avenger, but we like him anyway, so we're putting him in there.  They can all duke it out when we shut the door:)