Friday, June 22, 2012

Battle Scars

One of my livjournal friends posted about "battle scars" today.  About how we all have scars from things, and the memories she had of different scars...

So, of course, I have to make a post about it, too!

I have a scar on my face from when I was little and my dad threw me over his shoulder, as dads do... except my face hit the corner of the truck door that was open. We had just come from getting groceries and I vividly remember my mom grabbing a brand new package of paper towels and just holding the whole roll to my face. The scar used to be RIGHT under my eye. I was 1/4th of an inch from losing an EYE. I can't imagine how bad my dad must have felt! We rushed to the ER and I got it stitched up.

I also have a scar on my knee. My cousin and I used to run into our linoleum floored kitchen and slide on our knees across the floor. Until the day that I did so and ran into a fork that had fallen to the floor under the cabinets. I screamed, stood up, and there was a fork sticking out of my knee. That's all I remember.

I got stabbed in the calf by a boy in 3rd grade with a pencil and the lead didn't come out until adulthood... but I don't think there was ever a scar, persay.

OH!!!  AND I have a scar by my eyebrow from one of the times we were moving and I had one of those heavy moving cart thingies.  I had a huge box of books or something heavy... and I lost my grip just as I leaned down to put it on the thing.  The box fell, and the handle of the moving thing came up and smacked me in the head.  I nearly passed out.  Steven took me to the ER and I got stitched up by a Dr with VERY shaky hands.  I thought for sure he was going to poke my eye out.

AND I have small scars on my hands from a vicious game of "mercy" in 8th grade with a boy... I think Gary something... who hated me because his best friend wanted to be my boyfriend and we got into a game of mercy.  I must say, though, he was far worse off than my by the end of that "game".  I was a girl, and therefor had even more vicious fingernails than he did.

And, of course, I have the stretch marks.  Hardly any on my stomach, but I have them on my thighs and breasts.  Apparently my stomach was prepared for the growth involved with having five children, but the rest of me wasn't prepared!

Where are your battle scars?