Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy 17th Birthday!!! Birthday Parties Past... Macguyver, Obstacle Course, Mechanics, FUN!

My baby boy turns 17 today!!!

Don't feel sorry for me, in case you didn't know I adore my teenagers.

He's actually away at camp, so I don't get to do anything for him until he gets back.  I've been working on some things for his soon to be new room, though, so hopefully he likes that.

At this point in life, he only has a few close friends that he wants to invite to his party.  Basically, Laser Tag, food and swimming are his only "wants" for a party.  Well, that and BACON.  Food, food, more food, and most of it accompanied by bacon.

Here are some highlights from the past:
Once we move, I'll have to pull out the old photo albums and scan in from the old days as well:)

His homebirth Story

The MacGyver Party (age 12, with disassembling old electronics, this was a huge hit)

The Obstacle Course Party (age 11, this was a HUGE hit, too!  The boys all had a blast)

and, lets not forget The "Mike and Ike Birthday Cake" (the party was 'eh', but the cake was a huge hit!)

Kainan is SUPER competitive.  So is his father, so he comes by it honestly.  Here he is trying to best his dad's longest jump from the swings.  Yes, maturity IS overrated.
Kainan's first love:  Basketball
Here is is hugging his little brother Jaedin.  They are just so close...
And here he is hugging his sister, Paris.  Such a sweet , sweet boy.  (He really is, actually, but he's also a beast)
Seriously, though, here is the "real" Kainan.

What are your favorite birthday memories/traditions?  Do you have something special you do with your children?