Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy 18th Anniversary!!! 20 Things to Do Before Our 20th!

Today is our 18th anniversary!

This is the video I made for my husband last year for our 17th anniversary.  It has photos from various times in our marriage... and makes me wish I had more photos!

This year, we're in the process of moving, and I've not had as much alone time as I did by this time last year.  Anyway, I need to do an updated one of these soon:

Thanks to my friend Cari, I have an inspiration for today's post.  She just posted "30 Things I Want to Do Before I hit 30" and I thought it would be a great thing to write my own "20 Things" Marriage style!

So, here it is.  By the time we hit our twentieth anniversary... these are the 20 things I want for us to do together as a couple (I'll have to get Patrick to chime in here as well:)

1.  Move to our new home!!  (Okay, that's a given.  I'm slacking because my daughter is visiting today with our future son in law, so I'm a bit distracted getting ready for them to arrive!)

2.  Keep the sexy times hot.  (Hey, this is an important aspect of marriage.  It should be first on the list, but that just shows you how much I want to MOVE!)

3.  Go out separately and pretend to meet in public (We did this one years ago with fantastically fun results:)

4.  Cook together more often.  Lord knows, my husband loves LOVES his food!!

5.  Have parties with our grown up friends and socialize together (I'm good at the girl's night outs, but I miss social time with my somewhat anti-social husband... he's getting better, but sheesh, am I the only one with a total homebody of a husband???)

6.  Have dinner together every evening.  With odd, constantly changing schedules, I've gotten into and out of this habit so often.  I really need to make this a priority as soon as we're settled in our new house because I know that he likes it when I do.  Plus, he eats better when I have food fixed and ready to go.

Seriously, who enjoys their food so much that he scares his children with his exuberance??

7.  Build something together.  (As in with wood/concrete, not as in "build a life together", I think we've already got that covered)

8.  Take our kids to Hawaii, or at least on some sort of "real" vacation before they're all grown up and out of the house (we already have one moved out, and two more coming up really soon!  We have to hurry up on this one!!!).

9.  Build up Bean's Monkey Business into a money making venture that we can do together.

10.  Have a big Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family.

11.  Find a relaxing hobby to do together and nix some of our current TV/Movie habits. (Not all of our movie watching, just some!)

12.  Go on a biking vacation with/without the kids.  Take all of our camping gear on our bikes and go for a weekend.

13.  Ride dirt bikes together

14.  Learn how to acid stain concrete and make cool counters and a water wall for our house.
Here we are in 2012

15.  Celebrate the fact that we have raised three High School graduates so far.  (Three down, two to go!)

16.  Kiss more.

17.  Celebrate things more (ie: Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, Accomplishments)

18.  Write together.  Be it blog posts, articles for publication or a book.  We'd be great at it.

19.  Get into the habit of working out together.  He's a personal trainer, I was a fitness instructor for years, surely this is something we can do.

20.  Have a 20th Anniversary Vow Renewal Party (I hate the word ceremony, it sounds so... not like us, so I'm just going to call it a party:)

Phew!!!  I did it!  There you go, twenty things I want to accomplish in the next two years!  Now, I need to print this out and stick it on my wall.  That's not a bad idea, put it in cool fonts, print it out on awesome paper and hang it on a wall where I'll see it all the time:)

What is your next milestone?  What do you want to accomplish?